Training and Education

MPG designs, develops and offers training programs on media, communication, journalism, public relations, advertisement, and development support communication for interested professionals and individuals. MPG runs the School of Creative Learning in partnership with Alliance Française de Dacca. The main focus of this programme are:
Practical Orientation for media -Basic and advanced journalism training for both print and electronic journalism -Journalism training or workshops for non-media professionals/ people

Development Interventions -Journalism and media skill development training and workshops (e.g. video production) for the development of community media and journalism; -Training and workshops on social communication or media material/strategy development.

School of Creative Learning A joint initiative of Alliance Française de Dhaka & Media Professionals Group 
Media Professionals Group (MPG) has developed comprehensive outlines for conducting different workshops and training courses on ‘Creative Writing’ in partnership with Alliance Française de Dhaka. The objective of this initiative is to develop the confidence level of aspirant writers and to strengthen the networks with academicians and established authors.
So far, MPG and Alliance Française de Dhaka conducted six courses on Creative Writing in Bangla and one course on Script Writing during March – October 2009 for a total of 110 participants.

The School of Creative Learning covers four key issues in the courses:
1. Need Assessment of participants, lectures on Creative Writings (Theoretical Perspectives) to assist them to know about their gaps in writing and to address them. 2. Creative Writing in Practice helps the participants to learn about practical aspects of creative writings from the authors’ point of view. 3. Exercise on Creative Writings helps the participants to improve their writing skills through exercises. 4. Valuable feedbacks and guidelines help to sum up the previous sessions and provide guidance for future follow-up on this effect.

A participant gets to know answers of following questions from the workshop:
• How to organize ideas
• Identification of components to express the ideas
• How to plan to present the ideas in writing
• How to choose a topic for different reader groups
• How to adjudge the quality of a write-up

The organizers of the course employed a combination of academicians and creative writers as resource persons with recognized skills in writing and deliberation. The academicians make the participants more confident on theoretical aspects of creative writings and creative writers share their process of becoming writers, their pains and glory. Each workshop started with the need assessment of the participants. This assessment acted as a basic guideline for the resource persons during their deliberation in the workshop.
Moreover, the resource persons gave regular feedback on the write-ups prepared by the participants. They also put due emphasis on idea generation to develop write-ups and how to publish those write-ups. Eminent academicians and authors served as resource persons for these interactive courses.

Media Professionals Group