MPG conducts customised research/consultancy on media business assessment, corporate survey, and audience survey and analysis.
MPG prepares and develops journalism and communication training materials on the basis of market need and advocacy-priority to facilitate development of media products. This is done after customized media research.
MPG develops strategies for sustainable media marketing and corporate communication though media research is our core expertise.

Focus Areas
o Need Assessment for Media /Advocacy Campaign, Media Market Research (TV rating, National Media Survey, Media habit, & newspaper circulation), Strategy Plans
o Issue based research, focusing on media, marketing and social issues (Gender & Media, Children’s Media, Media & Disadvantageous group, & Media & Economic Development)
o Feedback analysis/ Evaluation studies of products and activities of NGOs/Companies and Corporate Houses
o Media Monitoring

MPG regularly updates own media resources on media usage and audience analysis, and the market status of media and corporate houses.

Targeted Audience
• Television channels
• Radio stations
• Newspapers
• Corporate houses
• Development NGOs
• Int’l Development Organisations
• Policy & Research Centre
• Ad Agencies
• Academic Institutions

Media Professionals Group