SDLG at a glance

Strengthening Democratic Local Governance (SDLG) is a 39-month project (January 2011 – March 2014), funded by USAID and being implemented inBangladeshby Tetra Tech ARD. The goal of SDLG is to improve transparent and participatory public administration at the sub-national level and to enhance legal and policy reform at the national level in order to promote and expand decentralization. Within the project period, SDLG aims to improve capacity of 600 selected local government councils acrossBangladeshat all three tires of elected local government.

Tetra Tech ARD is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tetra Tech, a leading provider of consulting, engineering, and technical services worldwide. Through innovation and leadership, Tetra Tech ARD helps people across the world create the essential conditions for successful economic development. Since 1977, Tetra Tech ARD has led more than 600 projects inAfrica,Asia,Europe,Eurasia,Latin Americaand theCaribbean. ARD’s service areas include water resources and infrastructure, agriculture and economic growth, environment and natural resources, land tenure and property rights, democracy and g o v e r n a n c e ,   and knowledge management. Tetra Tech ARD has 43 field offices around the globe, in addition to its main office inBurlington,Vermont, and its branch offices inWashington,D.C., andSan Francisco,CA.



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